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Worldview unique to Astronism created and developed by Cometan; also known as cosmocentricity.

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: JAN. 9, 2020


The Vendox is the principal symbol representing Astronism and Astronists.

There are three principal beliefs in Astronism known as cosmocentrism (which is the religion's worldview), cosmosis, and astrosis. 

An Astronist association, or an association of Astronism, is an informal group or society for fellow Astronists to regularly meet up and discuss their beliefs, the latest news in the Astronist community and in wider space philosophy, and may involve a number of excursions and events organised by the group throughout the year. These groups are often in association with a national association that oversees their activities and with whom they are required to register in order to receive funding and resources. 

Local Astronist associations are governed by these national associations which report to the Astronist Institution. Generally, each sovereign state is assigned a national Astronist association.

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